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Wildlife Experiences

Welcome to the website of Wildlife Experiences - we are a multi-faceted company with expertise in ecological consultancy, environmental and sustainability education, wildlife tours and nature photography.

Wildlife Experiences is a small business started in 2011 by John Harris, a passionate environmentalist and naturalist, to provide environmental services to organisations and individuals alike. While we are a small company, we have a vast network of environmental professionals across many fields including arborists, pest plant and animal management, revegetation, botanists, aquatic and terrestrial ecologists. These professionals can be called upon to assist us, when required, so that our clients receive the best outcomes. We are also able to travel far and wide not only in Victoria but also across Australia to work on projects.


We offer a range of consultancy services from fauna and flora surveys, to Land Management Plans, fauna and flora salvaging, ecological surveys to pest plant and animal management. Having an interest in Australia's fauna for many years and conducting fauna and flora surveys across Australia for more than 50 years, John and members of the Wildlife Experiences team are suitably qualified and experienced to assist companies regardless of where, on this vast continent. More comprehensive profiles of our lead staff can be found under the Consultancy tab..

Environmental Education

Being a qualified teacher as well, John likes to share his passion for the environment and sustainability with schools, companies and community groups. He was instrumental in the AuSSI Schools (now ResourceSmart Schools) program in Victoria as a school Environment and Sustainability Manager and as a past President of Environmental Education Victoria ( formerly VAEE). He has presented at state and national conferences and authored many articles on environmental education, especially in schools.

Wildlife Tours

For many years before starting Wildlife Experiences, John delighted in showing locals and visitors around his various “patches”, introducing them to the wildlife, flora and ecology of these areas. As our main guide, John has vast experience across Australia and has in-depth personal experience with some of our world renown nature hotspots like the Werribee Treatment Plant (near Melbourne), the Grampians National Park, Phillip Island and many places further abroad. We have a range of suggested locations that you can visit or we can personalise your experience with a B-y-o (Build-your-own tour) based on your particular desires.


Being keen photographers for decades, Wildlife Experiences have created a substantial catalogue of 35mm and digital images of fauna and flora, landscapes and environmental issues both from Australia and internationally. These images are available for sale to commercial organisations or can be donated to not-for-profit groups. If we don’t have an image that you are after, we will endeavour to source one for you from our network. Our images have been used by local government, zoos, publishers and community groups across Australia.




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If you wish to contact us before this site is completed, please call John on 0409 090 955 or email us.

Thank you for your patience while we build this website.